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Meet Our Team



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Creative Director + Founder Krystina is the brains behind all things juice. Leaving what she thought was her life dream of being in fashion, she embarked on a 3 month solo trip to Europe that challenged her comfort and ideals, teaching her that if she wants something, she is the only one who can make it happen.

Since taking on a plant based diet over 13 years ago, she became obsessed with the healing magic of plants.  Once she made her first fresh juice, she was hooked - and has been playing in the kitchen creating healthy recipes ever since. She quickly understood her mission was to empower and inspire others by providing them with the tools to take control of their body + mind using the power of plants. Taking her over 8 years to finally open her first wellness space, she is here to encourage anyone and everyone to never, ever give up on their dreams.  



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Co-Owner + keeper of sanity.  Scott also founded ATAVIST apparel in 2018 after leaving the corporate world as a financial advisor.  He knew he was meant to to do something more meaningful with a focus on health + wellness.

After a few months sabbatical of sand + surf, he created his own apparel company.  ATAVIST is an outdoor lifestyle brand that focuses on healthy living.  Scott joined our juicy team in 2019 when he and Krystina quickly realized their similar passions.

 Scott is an expert biohacker: Mediation, cold showers, intermittent fasting, plant-based, ridiculous workouts- you name it. He didn't necessarily sign up to be CFO of WILD and add another business to his list- but as fate (and luck for us) would have it,

he's here bringing his skills and passion of health + wellness

as part of the dream team. 

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